FLUKE 1760

FLUKE 1760
ราคา : 798,327 บาท
ซื้อชิ้นนี้ได้รับ= 7,983 บาท(แต้ม)
ค่าจัดส่งขั้นต่ำ :
จำนวนสินค้า : (ระบุจำนวนสินค้าที่สั่งซื้อ)




Statistical Evaluation


 Power quality statistics according to EN50160 and DISDIP tables like ITIC, CEBEMA, ANSI

Event List


 Dips, swells and interruptions are detected and stored in the event list. Also any trigger which fires generates an event added to this list.


 The Event list shows the exact time when the event occurred as well as the duration and magnitude. Sorting by several attributes of these events is possible to select one for further root cause analysis.


 RMS values, transients and fast transients can be stored if a trigger fires.

Continuous Recording


 Fluke 1760 records rms values together with corresponding minimum and maximum values for:


 • Voltage


 • Current


 • Power P, Q, S


 • Power Factor


 • kWh


 • Flicker


 • Unbalance


 • Frequency


 • Harmonics/Interharmonics


 continuously with the following time aggregations:




 10 min


 Free Interval, e.g.: 15 min, 2h

Triggered Recordings


 Aggregation time is adjustable between 10 ms (1/2 cycle), 20ms (1 cycle), 200ms (10/12 cycles) or 3 sec (150/180 cycles).


 Calculating rms values, Harmonics and Interharmonics is performed synchronous to the power frequency.


 Basic aggregation for harmonics and interharmonics is 200ms


 Sample rate is 10.24 kHz for all 8 channels

Fast Transients:

 Sample rate is selectable from 100 kHz to 10 MHz for channel 1-4 FFT of Fast Transients

Mains Signalling


 Phases and N-conductor, Voltage and current

Online Mode


 Variable refresh rate. This feature allows verification of instrument set up and delivers a quick overview of oscilloscope, transients and events.

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